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Urgent Care Near Finley TN

Looking for An Urgent Care Near Finley? Visit Hometown Urgent Care! We Are Located at Located in 2550 Parr Ave, Dyersburg, TN 38024. We Treat Injuries, Illnesses, and Provide Physicals, Onsite X-Rays and Lab Services. Open Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Saturday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Sunday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Walk-ins Welcome. No Appointments Needed.

Urgent Care Near Finley TN

When you get hurt or injured, your primary care physician (PCP) isn’t always available to take care of your needs. Who knows? You might not even have a PCP. The price of going to the doctor, especially if you go to the emergency room, is typically pretty high. Often, visiting Hometown UC, serving Finley, TN and the nearby region, is a cost-efficient solution that’s available hours when a standard physician isn’t.

Where Can I find an Urgent Care near Finley, TN?

The quickest way to find an urgent care near Finley is to perform an internet search. Hometown UC is one of the top-ranking facilities on the list. In fact, we’re one of the few facilities in the region. Our facility is located in Dyersburg, which is only 12 minutes away from Finley. We’re at 2550 Parr Ave. near Anytime Fitness.

Do I Have to Make an Appointment for Urgent Care?

You don’t have to make an appointment to visit our urgent care clinic. We accept walk-ins, and we take our patients based on when they arrive at our clinic. You may, however, still schedule an appointment, so we’re expecting your arrival.

What Does Urgent Care Treat?

We treat a variety of minor injuries and illnesses. For instance, we ease the symptoms of patients who have a cold or flu. If you’re dehydrated from it, we can even provide you with IV hydration to prevent serious complications. We’re able to treat bacterial infections including strep throat and sinus infections. Patients who have a bacterial upper respiratory infection may find a treatment while those with a viral infection may find relief of their symptoms. Other possible sicknesses we treat – or lessen your suffering from – include:

  • Pink eye
  • Ear infections
  • Mono
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Gastroenteritis (stomach flu)

We even help those who have allergies and asthma as well as patients who have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, sore throat, or abdominal cramping.

Some patients come to us when they’ve sustained a personal injury. We treat everything from strains and sprains to broken bones and fractures. Our staff is able to care for whiplash, cuts, burns, scrapes, and lacerations. At our clinic, we can treat bug bites and bee stings as well as remove ticks.

The only issues an emergency room can treat that we can’t are life-threatening problems like if you’re having a stroke, heart attack, anaphylaxis, or are unconscious.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to an Urgent Care Without Insurance?

We accept a variety of insurance plans ranging from Highmark to Medicaid. However, if we’re out-of-network, your insurance doesn’t cover us, or you don’t have insurance, we make paying for your visit easy. You may pay us with cash or credit. We bill an appointment fee, which is a flat-rate. Then, we only add on fees for the services you receive. You never are billed surprise charges. Not to mention, our fees are all relatively low to make our care accessible to most patients.

Is an Urgent Care Clinic More Expensive?

Generally, we’re less expensive than going to your primary care physician or the emergency room. On average, you can expect to pay around $75 to $150 if you visit an urgent care clinic. The average rate of a physician is $250. On the other hand, the average expense of the emergency room exceeds $1,000.

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